Spider Treatment

Most spiders are annoying because of their webs, but some spider infestations can be extremely difficult to control, and dangerous to the occupants, such as redback spiders.

We’re well trained in delivering top results to our customers and we guarantee full spider treatment at affordable rates! We also use powerful insecticides to deal with all kinds of spiders with ease.

We have many years of experience in eliminating crawling pests, including redback spiders, from homes and offices. Additionally, we offer discretion and an individual approach to our customers.

The Benefits of our Spider Treatment

The spider treatment offered by Hunter Pest & Animal Control is an effective process involving applying products and methods specifically developed to control arachnids.

Our pest removal services will vary depending on property size and spider species. Along with a spider-free home, you can enjoy more benefits with our services such as:

  • A wide range of booking slots – we’re available all week, including same-day treatments, bank holidays and weekends.
  • Our spider extermination complies with Australian Standards & regulations, and the products used are eco-friendly.
  • We understand you are very busy, so we offer our high-quality services every day of the week, and in the evenings, for the same price!
  • Our FULL spider removal service comes with a 3-month guarantee during which you can receive two free spider treatments if needed.
  • All spider exterminators working for us are certified and experienced in providing outstanding pest control services.
  • You can save money if you combine the spider pest control with some of the other crawling insect treatments we offer, such as bed bugs control.

Our Spider Treatment in Detail

Property Check

We will send a spider exterminator to perform a full property inspection before starting the treatment to ensure all infested areas will be treated. In most cases, the inspection and the treatment are done in one visit.

Applying Treatment Solutions

We use highly effective control substances to guarantee full spider extermination. If the problem is severe, we will use spider fumigation technique, which means spraying with insecticide wherever there is a sign of infestation.

Treatment Effect And Advice

We advise you to leave the spider insecticide to work for at least 4 days before hoovering and wiping the treated areas. We will also give you advice on how to protect your home or office from spiders infestation in the future.