Snake Control

There are 5 main species of Venomous snakes found across Australia. They are highly venomous and are protected by law.

  • Tiger Snake
  • Eastern Brown Snake
  • Low Land Copperhead
  • Red Bellied Black
  • Small Eyed Snake

Snakes Can…

Be found anywhere and are experts at camouflage.

They are also very quick to disappear from view even when being watched.

They are solitary creatures and are very misunderstood.

Most bites occur when people or pets are attempting to either catch or kill them or when they feel threatened.

We support catch and release.

We will at all times attempt to relocate and release reptile within a 5km radius, where food, water & shelter are available, but most importantly away from people, pets, and farming stock.

Our aim is to keep all parties safe and prevent any further issues from arising, by being Professional, Punctual and Courteous at all times.