Possum Removal

Our buildings and in particular our roof voids provide warmth, shelter, moisture and close access to food sources for possums. Possums are protected in Australia and there are very strict guidelines in place regarding what can and can’t be done.

No-one is allowed to harm or kill a possum and there are hefty fines for doing so. Under certain circumstances, a vet can euthanize a brushtail possum. A brushtail possum can only be relocated within 50 meters of the building it has set up home in.

We work to the highest Industry Standards and Guidelines regarding possum removal to ensure the possum is unharmed.

Possums Can:

Possums can eat fruit, vegetables, flowers and young plants in and around gardens. The male brushtail can cause concern and even annoyance with its loud rasping call. They are not known to spread disease. They give off a distinctive odour which can also cause people some distress. Dogs can also be agitated by the close proximity of possums and can bark causing extra distress.

Possums can damage insulation inside a roof void as well as damage plaster inside walls. They have also been known to damage wiring, so short circuits can happen, potentially causing damage to the building.

What You Can Do with Our Help and Advice

We perform a thorough Inspection and advise you on the best and most cost effective option. Sometimes there may be more than one option available.

These options can include exclusion such as proofing the building and its surrounds. Dependant on the circumstances of the possum removal job, we can also suggest deterrents once the possum has been relocated.

We can also offer a trapping system. We have to be very careful to avoid any harm to the possum and this is done where trapping is really the only option available.

Other options can include installing a one-way door where the possum can exit the Building safely and then proofing and exclusion can commence.