Flea Treatment Course of Action for the householder

The chemical used to treat fleas will kill active fleas living within & around the household. But in most cases, will not kill the eggs or the hatched fleas after the spray.

Below are some tips for the homeowner that will increase the effectiveness of a flea treatment.


Treating your pets with a flea treatment prior or after a spray.

It is always the best way to treat the source of the fleas.

As you would be aware there are many flea treatments for pets on the market.

We recommend that you talk to your Veterinarian on how best to treat your pets.

Typical Flea Treatment can


Vacuuming your house prior to a treatment is recommended to remove any eggs present. Eggs will be located in between joints, so make sure to get in all gaps, in particular the space between skirting boards and the floor.


Pets bedding should be washed regularly in hot water. And as an additional course of action, you can spray or wash the bedding with a recommended concentrated flea treatment. Pets bedding is a major source of flea breeding, so this recommendation is highly recommended prior to a flea treatment.