Reliable & professional pest control servicing Newcastle, Port Stephens, lake Macquarie, Lower and Upper Hunter Valley, Central Coast & Great Lakes Areas.

Our Services

Cockroach treatment

The places where we live & work are ideal for cockroaches because they provide food, water, warmth, and shelter.

Snake removal

We support catch and release.

Our aim is to keep all parties safe and prevent any further issues from arising, by beingProfessional, Punctual and Courteous at all times.

Feral, wild and native animals

Feral activity has a dramatic effect on native wildlife populations, farms, crops, native fauna, watercourses and swamps.

Fox Management

Red foxes pose a serious conservation problem in Australia.

Current estimates indicate that there are more than 6.2 million red foxes and growing with a range extending throughout most of the continental mainland.

Flea Treatments

The chemical used to treat fleas will kill active fleas living within & around the household. But in most cases, will not kill the eggs or the hatched fleas after the spray.

Ant Treatments

Ants are social insects that live in colonies and work together for the good of the colony, which makes them a difficult pest to eliminate. The majority of ant colonies survive out of sight, which means that every ant you see represents many other ants living and working below the surface.

Why us?

We have the tools

We have the right tools for all types of pest treatments & animal control

Competitive Pricing

Our flexible pricing means that you always get the most out of your budget.

Years Experience

We have years of experience in pest treatments and animal control. There is no job too big or small.

Guaranteed Results

Our guaranteed results really do speak for themselves. If your pest problem returns after getting an HPAC treatment, we will work with you to ensure that the pests never return.

Great Support

Our support is friendly, down to earth and is willing to answer any question you might have about Hunter Pest & Animal Control.

Certified Experience

We’re certified, fully licenced, accredited and insured to undertake pest and animal management, professional shooting and we are also accredited  by the National Parks & Wildlife Association of Australia.

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